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In the beginning of 1994 technomusic stepped into Tekknikas life. His ears directly fell in love with that unprecedented notes. The developed passion to that music-genre caused Tekknika to mix vinyls on the turntables by himself. From there on Tekknika was gladly seen behind the turntables at private parties. He mixed acid/hardtrance in his earlier years. Very fast (1994-1996) Tekknika satisfied the audience in different clubs in and around Erfurt and Berlin. In 1997 he became the chance to deejay in Mexico. There he made a name for himself in short time. At that time he still was on his way alias Acid TK. After 3 months of dj-experience in Mexico Tekknika went back to his hometown Erfurt. Therewith it came to a change of his pseudonym in his career. Someone from the audience praised his technical style after a gig. The name Tekknika was born. Till the end of 2001 Tekknika was resident in the club Kantine Erfurt. When in 2001 the Ackerhof-Studios were founded, Tekknika started to produce his own music. He succeed to release one of his own tracks on a record. Tekknika backed out a bit with the closure of the Ackerhof-Studios in the end of 2003 and his job-related built in as a stage crew member. He spent his freetime on own productions, sporadical dj-gigs in some clubs and on radio appearances.
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