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Find the free music that fits you. This page shows all genres of MP3THT are listed. Among the list is the navigation with each of you known you navigate trought the hottest underground tracks and download it. Have fun!

Life of any modern person is impossible without music. It accompanies us everywhere: at home, at work, in public transport and on vacations. Music makes us relax after the hard working day or, on the contrary, to concentrate on most important tasks. We listen to music in our mp3 players, mobiles, listen to music on radio and TV, or online. Everyone has at least once been in the situation when he heard a song from the car driving by, or from the phone of the passer-by, any street caffee's loud-speakers or any advertising and this tune caught his attention. And then we start singing this tune and a few phrases from the song constantly. It won't get out of our heads, and we start looking for it on the Internet. And now you are here! Listen to the best free tracks out of the web.


If logs in you as an artist, you can administer your tracks and your band-profile. And has the possibility with it to use the following functions:


In the upload area, you can upload your new tracks.


In the track area, some functions stand for you by the disposal, with which you can organize your songs.


With the profile-manager, you can deposit information about your band, as e.g. a band-logo, or your band-description. You can delete your Account completely. Also all files then are deleted by the Mp3THT server.

personal data

Here, you have the possibility to administer all person-referential data.


For the cool calculators under you, there are statistics here, e.g. current chart positions, downloads and plays etc.