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Artist and song informations

Hello artists, if you want to be found better than Google and Co. and would like to appeal to a wider Puplikum, it is good to add more information from you price. You could for example Your town under the artist info to specify,...[more]

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Track admin was approved

Do not wonder why it was revealed this week as few new songs. This week the track rebuilt administration page so that you your tracks, you can enter information about the track faster and easier, especially. We ask forgiveness at...[more]

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MP3THT now on YouTube

As an additional promotion is to Facebook is now also a promotion side of us on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/mp3tht here we will film the best tracks. The artists are of us had asked if their track how may they offer on...[more]

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Promotion up to 35 mp3 plattforms

If you like to promote yours songs in the right way than you can do this on our partner page: http://www.mp3-xxl.de/registrierung/ . Register your band and all your traxx are availiable world wide at over 35 plattforms. Has your...[more]


MP3THT doesn´t sleep

No, dear MP3ler the portal does not sleep. From in the middle of April to at the end of of May moved the portal rather loudless on a new server, a much larger non removable disk out got and carries now 4 times as much as before....[more]


new face

MP3THT starts with new face in the year 2008. So that also we same we at least our exterior the Web 2,0 standard wenns under the hood only Web 1,0 is not on, also overslept the Web2.0 trend. Besides we got some purely in the last...[more]


MP3 - THT at GIGA Gaming TV

MP3THT.de is at present announced on GIGA.de at the Homapage Award 2007. If you find our platform good, then please I you under the following left to voten - >http://www.giga.de/aktionen/homepageaward/in the column: Computer and...[more]


New chart and voting system

A completely revised chart system is at your disposal as of today.Don't become the charts as usual every Saturday but day newly calculates everybody to get more change here.Importantly to yourselves, you determine the charts!And...[more]


MP3THT speaks english

The initial English version is ready. It goes to also get input of the foreign countries in large numbers at the translation and we the next days hopefully in order to widen our offer.[more]